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Up and kicking!

Last year has been full of surprises for me, first of all because I had the opportunity to work for a multinational company and second fact I broke few mind sets of which I was a slave. I’ve always tought, as a developer, my career was bound to the lines of code and I have never considered different opportunities. When I started to work with Mulesoft, I didn’t even know what its exactly purpouse was, but slowly I started to appreciate and being fascinated by it. I never had the luck (or the bad luck) to be interested into a specific thing, for example I know developers obsessed with frontend development and ignoring what a kernel is, how a network...

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First of all..."Hello World!""

It’s probably the first time i write something not technical and absolutely the first time i do it not for work. I have worked as a web developer for many years and i’ve always built my personal project focusing on tech aspects such as which framework to use, how to optimize the database, how to write a good backend and so on… When i moved away from web development i started to simplify things. I started to play around with GitHub pages and i discovered some jekyll themes, now i could focus more on the content and forget about techy aspects. Being able to update a web page just creating or updating a .md file is something very new to...

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