Up and kicking!

Last year has been full of surprises for me, first of all because I had the opportunity to work for a multinational company and second fact I broke few mind sets of which I was a slave. I’ve always tought, as a developer, my career was bound to the lines of code and I have never considered different opportunities. When I started to work with Mulesoft, I didn’t even know what its exactly purpouse was, but slowly I started to appreciate and being fascinated by it. I never had the luck (or the bad luck) to be interested into a specific thing, for example I know developers obsessed with frontend development and ignoring what a kernel is, how a network works and so on. I’ve always wanted to dig many holes and this attitude is paying me back now with the Mule. There is the big picture in API lifecycle: design, implementation and development. Each of this three steps has other sub steps but I will not cover them because this is not a techy article. I like the fact I need to handle different steps and move to strategic thinking, pass through development and ending managing the whole aspects of the API. Now code is less important and what really matters is the reason. What do you need to do? Why? What do you expect from it? The logic of development is still strong but no synthax headache or lines and lines of code to accomplish basic functions. In my mind I compare the data stream to water flowing inside tubes, maybe it’s not the most techical thought nor the smartest, but it certainly fits for this job. Yesterday I passed the exam for the Mulesoft certification and, like a kid with his new toy, I am very proud of it, not only for the importance of the achievment (I’m the first internal Mulesoft Certified Developer of the company…for now!) but also for gaving a chance to the unlooked-for and unexpected, having the proof than I can’t know what awaits me tomorrow.