Hi, I am Manuel. I work as Mulesoft API developer for Marina Rinaldi, a company part of the MaxMara Fashion Group.

I like to learn new stuff everyday. Sometimes I can’t decide what to learn and I end up studying more subjects at the same time. Besides data integrations, I am interested in the infosec field and I gained some security certs too.

When I don’t work I like to dedicate myself to some hobbies like:

  • learning chinese - I have been studying chinese for 6 month and I wrote a script to help myself. Still work in progress though
  • fieldrecording - record and play with sounds of natural soundscapes, cities and almost all unusual stuff that emits some noise
  • CTF and cybersecurity stuff - practicing on sites like hackthebox, vulnhub ecc
  • practicing wing chun - very fickle

You can find me on Twitter or GitHub